Phonsavan Overview

Phonsavan is the capital of Xieng Khouang province in Central Laos. It is known primarily as the gateway to the Plain of Jars. It is located in the centre of the Plain of Jars and has a pleasant climate all year around, although it can become pretty cold during winter nights (it is on an altitude of 1100m). As soon as you leave town the countryside is dominated by green hills and pine forests. Villages consist of colourful wood houses and often raise cattle. You will see more than one Hmong cowboy with brown and violet cowboy hats. During Hmong New Year there are even bullfights in Phonsavanh.
Its most famous attraction is the nearby Plain of Jars, which is to be nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Get In

  • By plane to Xieng Khuang Airport (XKH)
  • By bus
  • By minibus

Get around

  • By local bus
  • By pick-up truck
  • By tuk-tuk

See & Do

  • Plain of Jars
  • Baan Tajok
  • Baan Khai
  • Pho Kod War Memorial
  • Tham Piu Cave
  • Tham Xang Cave
  • Nong Tang Lake
  • Hot Springs
  • Tad Ka Waterfall in Nong Het
  • Tad Ka Waterfall in Tajok
  • Tad Lang Waterfall
  • Thathom
  • SOS orphanage
  • Fresh Food Market
  • Navang Craft Centre
  • Hmong Crafts Centre
  • War Memorials
  • The Mulberry Silk Farm
  • Old Cemetery and Lake Jao Supanouvong
  • Nathong Cultural Village
  • Muang Nam

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