Hai Phong

Hai Phong Overview

Haiphong is one of the most important port cities in Vietnam; with the advantage of having a deep-water port, maritime transport there is very developed. Haiphong is also the third largest city in Vietnam. The name means “coastal defense”. Haiphong is also called “The City of the Red Flamboyant” because of the many flamboyant trees planted in the city. Haiphong is also famous for many festivals, of which Choi Trau Festival (Do Son Buffalo-fighting festival) in Do Son is unique.

Get In

  • By plane: Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific Airlines both service Hai Phong from Cat Bi International Airport
  • By train from Long Bien Station (Hanoi)
  • By bus

Get around

  • By ferry or hydrofoil

See & Do

  • Naval Museum
  • Hai Phong Museum
  • Museum of Military Region III
  • Bao Dai Villa
  • Cat Ba Island
  • Do Son Beach
  • Du Hang Pagoda
  • Hang Kenh Communal House
  • Nghe Temple
  • Tam Bac Lake & Flower Market
  • The Colonial Quarter

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