Three Vietnamese dishes made it to the top 100 most enticing street foods in Asia.

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In the list of the 100 most enticing street foods in Asia published by the international culinary site TasteAtlas, Vietnam is represented with three dishes: banh mi, pho, and com tam.

Banh mi ranks 6th (4.6 stars) – This dish is not only enjoyed daily by the Vietnamese but is also highly favored by international diners due to its delicious taste and unique, eye-catching appearance.

Com tam ranks 40th (4.5 stars) – A popular dish in southern Vietnam, com tam is known for its appealing presentation and the diverse combination of ingredients such as pork ribs, shredded pork skin, and tomatoes.

Pho ranks 54th (4.4 stars) – The list would be incomplete without the culinary essence of pho, a dish whose clear and sweet broth attracts diners to Vietnam.

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