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Date: 14 April 2021

Location: Vietnam

Tết Hàn Thực or Cold Food Festival is a traditional festival in Vietnam, which takes place on the third day of the third month of the Lunar Calendar.

Starting from the third lunar month, the weather gradually warms up, changing from spring to summer. Therefore, to celebrate this time of year, people eat cold foods.

On the Cold Food Festival, all family members will gather together to prepare “bánh trôi” – spheres made of glutinous rice flour with piece of brown sugar inside, usually sprinkled with sesame and some coconut fibers and “bánh chay” – bigger and has sweet green bean inside and served in bowls with sweet floured syrup.

After having done, these foods will be put on a tray on altar to offer ancestors. When the liturgy of ancestor worship ended, all family will eat it together.

When you come to Vietnam, don´t forget to try these very unique and special cakes.

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