Thailand has eased a ban on international flights from 01 July 2020

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Thailand has eased a ban on international passenger flights into the country from 1 July, nearly three months after first imposing it on 4 April. However, before dusting off your bags and reserving tickets, we must also know certain restrictions applied to foreigners to enter the country. At the moment, tourists in general are not allowed to enter the country yet. Next, we are detailing the people who can currently enter:

1. Thai residents.
2. Diplomats at the invitation of the Thai government.
3. Non-Thai citizens who are the spouses, parents or children of a Thai resident.
4. Non-Thai citizens with a residence permit in Thailand.
5. Non-Thai citizens with a work permit in Thailand.
6. Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return to their country of origin after completion of work.
7. Crew members who must travel to the country on a mission and must have a specific arrival and departure date.
8. Non-Thai citizens who are students at educational institutions approved by the Thai authorities, thus including their parents or guardians.
9. Foreigners with medical treatment in Thailand and their assistants, except treatments for Covid-19.
10. People in diplomatic missions, consular affairs, international organizations, government representatives, foreign government agencies working in Thailand, or people in other international agencies as permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including your spouse, parents, or children.
11. Non-Thai citizens who are allowed to enter the Kingdom under a special agreement with a foreign country.

Upon arrival in the country, the aforementioned persons must pass a mandatory 14-day quarantine at their own expense (except in cases invited by the government).

Meanwhile, Phuket – the country’s largest tourist island, has also opened its doors for tourists. And another special event, the Songkran New Year postponed from April, will be celebrated on July 27.

So, if you are planning to travel to Thailand, you should wait a little longer until the next official government statement. Thai authorities are establishing safe sites for foreign passengers. Therefore, be patient and in the meantime we will think about the places to visit and the activities that we want to experience in Thailand. We are waiting for you!
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