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Location: Most city in Myanmar

Date: August 3rd 2020

The Fullmoon Day of Waso is a very holy day for Buddhists. In Myanmar calendar, Waso is the 4th month and its fullmoon day usually falls in July. It marks the beginning of Vassa (or the Buddhist Lent) that lasts until October. It was on this day when Buddha preached the Dhamma Satkyar, a sermon of Four Solemn Truths and summarisation of Tripitaka scriptures, for the first time to his five disciples.

People visit pagodas, make good deeds and donate new robes to monks who are supposed to remain in their respective monasteries until the Thadingyut Full Moon Day in October as a rain retreat. Some people fast or abstain from meat, entertainment and intoxication on this day. It’s meant to cleanse one’s mind of wants and worldly pleasures.

In some years, there are two full moons in the month of Waso. The main festivals are celebrated around the second Waso fullmoon.

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